Business Consultancy & Advisory

Business Consultancy

A word of good advice in such a competitive market is priceless. The right move early on could bolster a start-up, but the wrong one could hobble it for years to come. Abacus Consulting takes pride in providing our clients with customised solutions beyond the off-the-shelf answer – with assistance delivered through plan development, interactive advice, coaching or hands-on involvement for companies running the entire spectrum of size, type, and industry.

Abacus Consulting offers all kinds of consultancy services related to the financial sector, to both local and international companies by a professional team of experts in the accountancy, financial, and legal fields. Such services help our clients to start, improve, innovate or streamline their businesses and also to plan ahead, carry out carefully considered budgeting, as well as other, larger deals such as mergers or acquisitions.

Building a new business framework can be critical for your company’s growth performance. Our consultancy services include the following:

  • Company restructuring and corporate finance
  • Bank loan applications
  • Business advisory and valuations
  • Business planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions.

Business Advisory

Business advisory services are provided with the aim to support accomplishments by identifying strengths and overcoming weaknesses. A range of business advisory services are available and every possible effort is made to match the right advisor to the specific needs of the client.

Abacus Consulting’s business advisors are well versed in dealing with international issues and customers. Our objective is to reach your goals in the most efficient manner, whilst ensuring that our advice, based on the knowledge of Maltese fiscal incentives and the legislative framework, will lead you to maximise your profits.

As part of our business advisory services we provide financial oversight, helping you stay on top of fiscal changes, leading to greater efficiency, more retained profits, and ultimately greater growth potential.

Business Planning

A company’s business plan maps out its goals and targets, in order to give the company a distinct orientation in the right direction to attain the objectives set. A business plan is fundamental for any start-up company, to be able to set the needed documentation.

The role of Abacus Consulting is to go through a thinking process together with you in order to come up with strategies, to strengthen the company’s present market position and to facilitate and anticipate foreseen factors.

The Abacus Consulting’s team brings years of experience in the business field, leading numerous companies to develop sustainable businesses through the execution of a comprehensive business plan. Our team also assists established businesses in re-evaluating their on-going business, in order to stay ahead of the business game. Trust your business plan to us, and our next successful company will be yours.

Research Fieldwork and Feasibility Studies

When it comes to conducting local research for your proposed business, Abacus Consulting is your solution. We offer extensive experience combined with deep insights and an eye for detail.

Nowadays, the business world has become increasingly complex and dynamic. Therefore, when a business venture comes to mind, it is of utmost importance to study the environment and market to identify whether one should take this idea even further.

Abacus Consulting has the experience and knowledge for assisting investors, business persons, and companies to evaluate, study, and understand the feasibility of their projects. Leave it up to us to guide you through your new business adventure for a guaranteed peace of mind.