Corporate & Legal Services

Corporate Services

Over the years, Malta has established itself as a hub for financial and corporate services in which it has excelled in a variety of areas including private and public Malta company incorporation. The advantageous tax schemes and low company incorporation costs in Malta have long been a major attraction to private and public companies alike.

The most common form of business entity in Malta is the limited liability company. It may have the status of a public or private company. A limited liability company is validly constituted in accordance with the Companies Act once a certificate of registration is issued by the Registrar of Companies. Subscribers may be individuals or corporate entities. The shares of a company may also be held by a trustee, who is duly authorised in accordance with Maltese Law.

Abacus Consulting’s partners, corporate services providers professional will assist you from the initial stages of your Malta company incorporation to the day-to-day running of the company by providing back office and administration services that your organisation requires, including the introduction of Malta bank accounts, registered office address in Malta, company maintenance services, virtual office secretarial services, application for Malta VAT number and more. Furthermore, we are able to assist you in the opening of companies in Cyprus, Gibraltar, UK, and other reputable jurisdictions.

Legal Services

Abacus Consulting is partnered with a warranted legal team specialised in assisting local and international commercial operators. Whether you are looking at doing business with or locating operations in Malta we can assist in the establishment of corporate vehicles in Malta, the set-up of trusts or foundations or the licensing of investment funds, amongst other services.

Furthermore, we are also able to assist in ship, yacht and aircraft registrations. The maritime sector is one of the oldest industries on the island and today Malta is home to one of the largest shipping registers in Europe. The island has also emerged as one of the major logistics providers in the Mediterranean, with a Freeport that is connected to more than 100 ports worldwide. Malta now also aims to replicate this success in the aviation sector and has recently introduced new legislation to meet the requirements of this growing industry sector through the new Aircraft Registration Act.